There has to be a finger licking joke in this KFC game

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Yes, that’s a sexy anime Colonel Sanders. You’re looking at an image from I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator. It’s coming to Steam and it’s being developed by Psyop. The game will feature all the visual novel trappings the genre thrives on, with the addition of a steamy hot Harland Sanders.

Just one more turn… In Excel.

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Your eyes do not deceive you. That is a rough, but highly impressive, version of Sid Meier’s Civilization made in Microsoft Excel. Programmer s0lly made the diversion as his entry in the OLC CodeJam 2019. You can’t move through the eras. There isn’t any diplomacy. It has no AI opponents. The “countries” are limited to red and blue. For all that it’s missing, it’s still better than fighting with VLOOKUP.

Get [CELL]ivization for free here.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 switches to a portable title

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In Larian Studio’s sprawling RPG, Divinity: Original Sin 2, you can put an object into a bag, stick the bag in a barrel, then carry the barrel in a character’s inventory. Now, you can go one level deeper and put the game in your pocket as well. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

In most cases, a port announcement would be fairly ho-hum, but there’s a bit more incentive to pay attention here. Divinity: Original Sin 2 on Switch features cross-saving with the Steam version. If you never got out of Act 2 because you were overwhelmed by quests, you can now take the game into the bathroom with you and really get some work done.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s antagonist has all the cliches you need to justify the shooting

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Up next in live-action video game theater is Jon Bernthal doing his best Tom Clancy bad guy drawl. He was a loyal U.S. marine that’s now the most Call of Duty villain to grace a Ghost Recon game since the last meanie growled out a bunch of platitudes and self-righteous mental gymnastics. Hoo-rah!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches on October 4th.

Is that an ape escape in Monster Hunter World?

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Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion doesn’t even come out for consoles until September 6th, but Capcom is already talking about the free bits of post-launch content. In October, Rajang, the raging demon ape will burst onto the scene. hes’ big, mean, and uses his arms to pound opponents into submission.

If your concerned that your low-level scrub hunter may not have much opportunity to experience Iceborne’s content because it’s all high-level stuff, Capcom has heard the pleading. Newly revealed Hunter Helper incentives in Iceborne will give veteran players special rewards for helping newbies and lowbies.

The trailer for NBA 2K20 gets right down to what players care about

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What do players want from the next NBA 2K game? Is it visual fidelity? Sick dunks and rock-dropping? Major blocks? Realistic plays? Nah. If the trailer For NBA 2K20 is anything to go by, the players just want more casino in their basketball. Pachinko! Prize wheels! Loot packs! Slots! Slots! Slots! It’s all in the new MyTeam experience. Why bother with fantasy sports, when you can bank on straight-up gambling for your fix?

Wreckfest gets more wrecks to wreck

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Wreckfest, Bugbear’s triumphant return to demolition racing, is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Alongside that platform launch, the PC version is getting a bunch of free content to bring it up to the consoles. Four new tracks, five more vehicles, (including motorhomes and a motorised couch) additional career events, and a new dirt devil arena are coming today.

I want to stress the important point here. There is a couch with an engine rigged up to it, and you ride it while slamming into other drivers on motorised couches.

There is also a season pass being offered that will give you twenty more vehicles over the course of eight DLC packs coming soon. Will anything in the DLC be as good as a souped-up demolition derby couch? Is there anything that good in real life?

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Battlefront II, the unwise?

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Dennis Brännvall, design director of Electronic Arts’ and DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II, has a mea culpa for the fans. He knows they screwed up the 2017 launch and had a hard road to winning back players. The major issue was, of course, the loot boxes. It was a mistake that cost the company dearly, and the well-publicized backlash continues to impact the industry.

“Not a week goes by without us thinking, ‘Imagine if we hadn’t launched with loot boxes the way we did.'”

Things are looking up for Battlefront II. The furor is largely behind them, and the developers have steadily worked on improvements and adding content to the game. The recently announced roadmap includes clone commandos, more offline single player content, and The Rise of Skywalker stuff to coincide with the next movie. The cynical gamer in you can chalk it all up to EA not wanting the game poisoning the well for the rest of their license, but either way, the players benefit.

Your privacy concerns with Kinect were not foolish

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People were monitoring Kinect. Recently, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook had to admit that real live people sometimes listened in on the companys’ digital assistants. During that news cycle, Microsoft also admitted that they hired folks to monitor Skype and Cortana conversations, but Motherboard reports that contractors also listened to Kinect interactions. Their sources, ex-employees of the contracted company, say that while their monitoring was limited to audio only, children were frequently the subjects.

“The Xbox stuff was actually a bit of a welcome respite, honestly. It was frequently the same games. Same DLCs. Same types of commands.”

If you were one of the people that objected to Kinect because it was “creepy” and maybe invasive, well, congratulations! Being paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not listening. Microsoft has updated their general privacy policy to note that they use both “automated and manual (human)” methods of processing data.

The sequel to Groundhog Day sure as heckfire is a VR game

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If you’re a fan of the 1993 Groundhog Day movie starring Bill Murray as a weatherman caught in a time loop, you’ve probably always wondered what shenanigans his son would go through in an official sequel. No? Well, Sony and Tequila Works will show you anyway with the VR game on September 17th. Phil Connors Jr. goes to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and the player gets to guide him through VR time puzzles and “wacky” dialogue.

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son will launch on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Vive. If you preorder, you’ll get a digital copy of the movie, presumably to see what a good story looks like.

Listen to the Prey you’ll never play

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Once upon a time, there was a Prey 2. It looked like this and it was being developed by Human Head Studios as a sequel to the original 2006 Prey. It was officially cancelled in 2014 by Bethesda Softworks, although there are numerous reports of Human Head and Bethesda parting ways as early as 2011. The franchise would eventually be rebooted with Arkane Studios’ Prey in 2017.

The new Prey is great, and the Mooncrash expansion added a terrific rogue-like experience to the game. But the ghost of Prey 2 remains. Andrew Borman of the Museum of Play has dug up some audio logs from that cancelled game. In them, the game’s protagonist, bounty hunter and displaced human Killian Samuels, muses on his encounters with Tommy Towadi, the hero of the first game. Even though Tommy was not seen in any of the released footage, it sounds like he had unfinished business with his alien kidnappers. Don’t fear the reaper, Tommy! At least you didn’t end up stuck on the Talos space station.

Destiny 2 players on PC need to get packing and prepare to move

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Bungie has released more details of Destiny 2’s planned move from Activision Blizzard’s service to Steam. Beginning August 20th, PC players will need to go to this site and follow the instructions to migrate their accounts. That move will transfer the player’s expansions, loot, characters, and stats to the new service permanently, and allow them to continue playing the game. After October 1st, Destiny 2 not be available on, and you’ll have to start over on Steam with a new account if you haven’t completed the move.

On August 21st, platform cross-saves come to Destiny 2. Players can designate an active account to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, or Google Stadia as they wish. Play for a few minutes in the morning on PC as you wait for your oatmeal to cook, hit up the break room Xbox One at work during lunch, then come home and unwind on your living room PlayStation 4. Cross-play won’t be supported, but logging in and playing from any valid platform is a convenience.

The Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion launches on October 1st.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare chirps at violence

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the soft reboot of the series, will feature an in-game “tamagunchi” that feeds on kills. According to Infinity Ward, the sick little digital pet started as an effort to get a working wristwatch onto player characters. Just like the tamagotchi fad you’re probably more familiar with, you feed it or it dies. In this case, it eats delicious murder.

“This little thing on your wrist, every time you get a string of kills, it goes, ‘Ya-ta!’ and it makes a little noise, then you look at it, and it evolved out of an egg.”

The tamagunchi is optional in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so if you don’t want some digital pet chirping at you for more kills, you don’t need to use it. Despite this, I imagine tamagunchi variants will be a hot commodity in the game’s loot shop, along with the normal cosmetic gun skins and animated name tags.

This lighthearted news comes as the United States deals with the latest horror of two mass shootings within hours of each other. While there have been no credible studies linking real-world shootings to video game violence, political commentary has once again raised the debate further fueling the controversy.

The migration to Mixer faces some clothing challenges

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The big industry news last week wasn’t a new game reveal or a beloved studio closing down. It was popular Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins moving from Twitch to Microsoft’s competing Mixer service. Ninja made the announcement and said he was excited to get back to his “streaming roots” perhaps in a nod to his origins as a big Halo player. Whatever the deal entailed, Microsoft obviously hopes some portion of Ninja’s 14.7 million Twitch followers will do exactly that. And if enough of them come over to Mixer, perhaps other popular streamers will follow suit? It’s a gamble for both participants, since Twitch partner streamers cannot also play on competitor’s services, but some dress code rules are proving to be an hindrance in some cases.

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