Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will not satisfy players that love a time pressure grind

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With the official confirmation that Halo Infinite’s mutiplayer modes will be free-to-play for anyone that wants it, the pool of potential players just got a lot bigger. Unfortunately for grind-happy big ballers, the way the battle passes will work may be upsetting to people used to the way other games do it. Halo Infinite’s battle passes will have no time limit. In most other games, a big part of the battle pass experience is FOMO (the fear of missing out) due to the time limited nature of the deal. You have to play almost every day if you want to get everything in the typical 100-level pass. If you don’t hit max level, then you don’t get everything the pass offered for your purchase. That guy with the flaming crown and the gold sparkly sniper rifle? He was able to grind his way to the top, while you’re stuck with the bacon skin for your pistol since you only got to level 46.

At around 7:40 of this deep dive video, the developers talk about their philosophy around the battle pass. Not only will passes not expire, but 343 Industries vows to not sell tier skips, and if you want to buy an old battle pass, they’re going to allow that too. It’s probably the most friendly battle pass scheme since Halo: Master Chief Collection offered free passes. It’s bad news for players that want to show off their dedication every few weeks!