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After many years of relying on unreliable ad revenue, Quarter to Three is an ad-free site. This means we don’t care how many pageviews we get when you visit! Seriously, we don’t. It’s totally cool with us if you just look at the front page, shrug, and leave. We don’t lose a cent. Unlike 99% of the other sites you’ll visit, our only goal is to make sure everything is easily accessible with as little clicking as possible. We will never split articles up across multiple pages. We will never throw clickbaity headlines at you in an effort to wring one more pageview from you before you leave. We will never annoy you with anyone trying to sell you something.

But this means we depend entirely on the support of our readers and community! If you enjoy this site, there are three ways you can pitch in, all linked at the top of the page. The easiest way is by clicking on the Amazon link and doing a little shopping. We get a small referral fee for anything you buy during that session. Alternatively, if you’d just like to donate a small sum, the PayPal link is available for that. Or you can set up a monthly donation for Tom Chick’s Patreon campaign. Supporters for $10 or more will be included in monthly votes for a review of your choice of any game, movie, book, or whatever. Seriously, whatever. There was a vote once for a kind of whiskey. Someone once voted for an entire sport. Half the fun is me going over all the nominations!

But whether you’re able to support us or not, we’re happy you’re visiting and we hope you’ll keep coming back!