This is where I stopped playing Warhammer: Arcane Magic

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These days, you can’t swing a dead skaven without hitting some ill conceived and poorly implemented Warhammer shovelware. Which is too bad, because there’s some really nice stuff out there. Full Control’s turn-based Space Hulk series has a lot of crunchy tactics and satisfying character development squeezed into its claustrophobic corridors, and they’ve spent a couple years pouring a lot of content into it. Regicide’s chess RPG is awfully contrived, but it works about as well as the contrived narrow corridors of a space hulk. On the fantasy side, Vermintide is an excellent rat flavored variation on the Left 4 Dead formula. If you can power through some clunkiness, Mordheim is about as XCOM a Warhammer game as you could ever hope to play.

But how are you supposed to tell the good ones from the terrible ones? How are you supposed to know whether Warhammer: Arcane Magic, a “digital boardgame”, is any good? Is being a port of an iOS game something you should hold against it? Or should you pony up your $4 and give it a shot? Actually, make that $7 given the separately sold missions. The good news is that it’s a decent enough turn-based strategy grind in which your wizards collect spells as they work their way through a campaign.

After the jump, the bad news.








Wait, what? Let’s take a closer look at that text:


That’s not the only smell that clinges in the air. Warhammer: Arcane Magic reeks of iOS.


I am definitely sure.