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Most Bone Tomahawk thing you’ll see all week: Dragged Across Concrete

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Craig Zahler has no one to blame but himself for what will probably be a career of making movies that aren’t as good as Bone Tomahawk.  He got off to a solid start with a formulaic, uneven, and ultimately forgettable prison yarn called Brawl in Cell Block 99. The whole thing felt like a build up to a special effect that wasn’t even that good.  That’s why I watched this movie? So you could do that? Dragged Across Concrete feels like a do-over. This is what I expect from the guy who made Bone Tomahawk.

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Best thing you’ll see all week: Prospect

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Movies are uniquely suited to building worlds by letting you listen and watch.  Traditional exposition is a crutch. Wasted time that could be spent showing me something, letting me catch something in the dialogue.  I’m already watching the movie, so I obviously want to be here. And if I’m watching, I’m listening. A movie should take advantage of my attention.  It should value it as much as I do. It should reward me. It should appreciate that I decided to be here.

There aren’t many movies that appreciate my attention as much as Prospect.

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Qt3 Movie Podcast: Border

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This is what Sweden sent to the Academy Awards. Unlike us, the Academy didn’t go for it.

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Soon Guild Wars 2 will be cats all the way down

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You might think Guild Wars 2 is all about crazy creatures like talking bipedal polar bears (kodan), talking gorillas (grawl), talking moles (dredge), talking birdmen (tengu), talking frogs (hyleks), talking plant people who totally aren’t elves (sylvari), totes adorbs cooing penguin/seal hybrids (quaggan), and World of Warcraft gnomes (asura). But the thing about most of those races is that you can’t be them. But you know what you can be? A cat. And you know how Guild Wars has a hundred or so miniature pets, including cats? That means your cat can have a cat.

But Guild Wars 2 has decided it’s time to go deeper. Next Tuesday, on February 26th, you can get a cat as a mount. So now your cat with a pet cat can ride a cat. It’s a cat singularity, which is one of about three hundred reasons that Guild Wars 2 was designated the Greatest MMO of All Time by the International MMO Designation Committee, which is comprised of me and my cat.

Qt3 Boardgames Podcast: boardgaming holiday

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Some people enjoy tropical paradises when they take a vacation. But for their vacation, Tom Chick, Tony Carnevale, and Bruce Geryk enjoy War of the Ring, Fort Sumpter, The Estates, Imperius, Discworld, Time of Crisis, SpaceCorp, New Angeles, and Chronicle. Hassan and Mike, who didn’t get to go on vacation, will be back next episode.


In Worbital, no one can hear you giggle. Unless you’re playing with voice chat.

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I spend a lot of time moping around, mourning the death of traditional RTSs after everyone else has gone off to play some dumb MOBA.  I can’t even muster the energy to rail against MOBAs, because I’m too busy being dejected that Starcraft online would just be a string of humiliating defeats. I’m a lot fun at parties. At least it keeps me busy. Mourning the death of traditional RTSs is a full time job.

But sometimes I get a vacation.  Sometimes something like Infested Planet, Tooth and Tail, or Offworld Trading Company comes along and brings me a little joy.  Today is one such day.

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