New head of Xbox may be the person that gave us Windows 8

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According to a Bloomberg report, Julie Larson-Green may be the next head of Microsoft’s hardware efforts, including the Xbox division. Larson-Green has been with Microsoft since 1993 and has previously worked on development of Office 2003, Office 2007, Windows 7, and Windows 8. She was a vocal champion of the Ribbon interface for Office.

If Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer chooses to place Larson-Green in the position of overseeing hardware engineering, she will inherit the embattled Xbox division just before one of the company’s most important product launches. The next-gen Xbox One PR has been hampered by DRM backpedaling, stiff competition from Sony’s PS4 showing at E3, and the recent departure of former head Don Mattrick to Zynga.

Before Don Mattrick left, it had been rumored that he would’ve been the pick for the position that may ultimately be given to Julie Larsen-Green in the upcoming reorganization.