July 30: wallet threat level orc

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Orcs Must Die got a lot of things right when it came to crushing, folding, spindling, and mutilating orcs. But it had stuff missing that kept it from being a great game. For instance, co-op multiplayer, a survival mode, and more ways to play than just working your way through campaign missions. Orcs Must Die 2 will include all those things.

And speaking of erstwhile Xbox games — Orcs Must Die 2 is only available on the PC — the pretty nifty side-scrolling League of Legends style game, Awesomenauts, will be out for the PC this week (review of the Xbox version here). If you’ve got a Nintendo 3DS and you don’t mind a little Disney in your JRPG, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is out this week. And Xbox Live Arcade’s summer series is finally putting out a non-Kinect game with Deadlight, a platformer/adventure game developed in Spain.