With Xbox Live Indie Games ending, where will you go for Minecraft knock-offs?

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The Xbox Live Indie Games program is wrapping up. In messages sent to members of the XBLIG on Xbox 360 group, Microsoft revealed that the mostly peer-curated publishing initiative was being retired in favor of the newer [email protected] on Xbox One program. New memberships and subscriptions to XBLIG will no longer be approved, but current members will be allowed to submit their work until September 2016, at which point Microsoft will stop accepting games for sale. In September 2017, the store itself will be closed. All you developers need to get cracking on your Minecraft-with-360-avatars games if you want to take advantage of that grace period!

The XBLIG program gave us popular hits like CastleMinerZ, One Finger Death Punch, DLC Quest, and Baby Maker Extreme. Thankfully, Steam now offers many of these XBLIG games as early access titles.