Galactic Civilizations II: care to make a deal?

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Until we declared our major, I always thought the Canadians represented everything that was good, just, holy, superior and right. But after this, it looks like we just might be the anti-heroes, who still win. I’m sure they do. If history says otherwise, then screw history. We’ll rewrite it as a glorious epic entitled “Canadianism: How Jacques LaRock lead the Canadians to a Better Galaxy”; A required reading on every planet.

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Galactic Civilizations II: meet the new boss

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I’ll be frank. This is version two of my Galactic Civilizations II game diary. Version one ended at the late-game slog in a large galaxy with a race of insects and reptilian slimeballs outside of my convenient alliance with the humans. The insects were small but nearly on par with my soldiering while the reptilians were the same but had more planets. This meant that hundreds of billions would have to give their lives to brutally conqueror worlds while the men and women back home would have to breed faster than rabbits to replace them. As much as I appreciate all that, I simply don’t have the patience to see it to the end of that glorious slaughter, nor try for an equally time-consuming influence victory. So here’s round two, more focused and more hate-filled.

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