Galactic Civilizations II: meet the new boss

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I’ll be frank. This is version two of my Galactic Civilizations II game diary. Version one ended at the late-game slog in a large galaxy with a race of insects and reptilian slimeballs outside of my convenient alliance with the humans. The insects were small but nearly on par with my soldiering while the reptilians were the same but had more planets. This meant that hundreds of billions would have to give their lives to brutally conqueror worlds while the men and women back home would have to breed faster than rabbits to replace them. As much as I appreciate all that, I simply don’t have the patience to see it to the end of that glorious slaughter, nor try for an equally time-consuming influence victory. So here’s round two, more focused and more hate-filled.

After the jump, what I aim to accomplish and with whom I aim to accomplish it

My goal for this game is to slaughter and enslave any aliens that oppose me (Altarians included) through ships packed with guns and transports stuffed with black shirts. I don’t like them, they don’t like me, and we will all trade and be relatively content (or barely tolerate each other’s presence) until someone jumps the gun. People die, planets change hands, and if they were man enough, only one would survive. This war-path thing isn’t even close to what I normally do in 4X games but it’s interesting to take one’s thirst for blood on a more galactic scale. Truthfully, in this kind of game, I’m more of a cultural/economic kind of guy by winning others over with my influence, charm, more culture, and a lack of a military.

With that said, it’s time to create the most wondrous medium-sized galaxy. I’m not going to bore you with the details but I will say that it’s abundant with everything and has faster research. If I’m given an option of having more in games like these, I’ll take it. I want to take as much as possible, as soon as possible. Bonus points for the scenario Accelerated Start: more techs at the cost of being humans. Didn’t appreciate them as my allies before but I do appreciate being them now.

Even though I’m forced to be the humans, I’m just them in name. For instance, instead of the home world being Earth and the race humans, it’s Canada and Canadians respectively, for in the future, Canadians conqueror the world. The moose becomes a symbol for peace and the beaver a symbol for prosperity, with both animals domesticated all over the globe. Everybody carries a bottle of maple syrup around and hockey is played everywhere, every time. To keep with the theme, I’ve named our new leader after a former hockey player who is now a greasy spoon owner. More references to follow, not all from animated shows.

More as in now, as I have to admit that if it weren’t for a certain principal, I would have gone with the regular picture.

It’s not just the skin that can be altered, but the organs and blood of the beast. If I liked the galaxy creation, I’m in love with the civilization customization, from the whole “change the pre-generated race to whatever you want” to simply creating your own monster. There’s a crap ton of abilities and its awesome in how it isn’t completely linear in the allocation of points to purchase said abilities. Just about anything that can be given in-game is given here. Lord knows I can use more morale to keep the saps in line.

You know that screen at the top? It’s all about war. All about dakka, producing dakka faster and keeping those worker drones happy. The Canadians are out for blood and our political party supports bloodshed and guns for all. And I swear that I don’t know how that diplomacy got there! I may love the culture route but humans shouldn’t be diplomatic if they bathe in blood and wash it off with a luxurious pelt from an extinct animal. And if they aren’t us, they’re animals.

On a more peaceful yet spiteful note, the computer’s tough. Literally. Anything tougher than tough would involve AI cheating and I only approve of cheating if I’m the one doing it. Same goes for intelligence on their part. I’m content with altering the game difficulty but to change that and the individual computer in the game is simply awesome. And I am easily amused and impressed at times.

I just hope it doesn’t put some dirtbag alien race next door to me again. So unbelievably annoying.

Up next, white light/white heat as the galaxy welcomes the xenophobic

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