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Sims Medieval: the shady adventuress

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With young Princess Bethany ushered back to the castle, Varrick can get back to his quest for the lost fountain. The book was a bust but perhaps the peasant locked up in the stocks will know where this mythical font lies. Firstly, however, our merchant friend needs to tend to his profession and today that means a trade mission.

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Sims Medieval: unmarried with kids

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Varric’s on a quest for a legendary fountain that will cure him of his fondness for the ale. When last we left him he was at the palace learning about a mysterious book that might lead him to his goal. There’s also the matter of an imprisoned peasant who won’t talk about what she’s seen until our hero somehow releases her.

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Sims Medieval: hitting a lady

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Varric Tethras goes home, sleeps, eats, and easily gets through his dailies including praising the tastes of two customers and paying his taxes. Now our hapless merchant is flat broke. So much for bargain hunting in the village. Perhaps we’ll try playing fishmonger once the quest is back on track. For now there’s a missing peasant to find who might have some answers about the mysterious fountain that’s been haunting our hero.

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Sims Medieval: leading a dwarf to drink

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Varric’s hung up his crossbow, Bianca, and grudgingly taken up honest trade as a merchant in Sims Medieval. Perhaps there would be profit eventually but for now drinking is his primary pursuit and fatal flaw. Lo, a quest has appeared that promises redemption! There are rumors of a legendary fountain which can cure the imbiber of all ills. Imbibing is what Varric does best.

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Sims Medieval: Hawke gets busy

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On the kingdom screen you can select one from a number of quests. Once the quest is selected you can chose an approach: each hero might have a different way of going about it. If Varric the merchant took up the case of the lost boy then he’d clearly throw gold at the problem. Sebastian the monk would look to The Watcher (god, you, same thing) for guidance. Our good King Hawke will solve the problem through diplomacy. The first step is to talk to his advisor for guidance.

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Sims Medieval: quests build a kingdom (or how the game works)

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“I’m busy!” Seriously. I am. I’m walking around, eating, sleeping, washing, looking at art, practicing strategy and swordplay, or pursuing daily work goals to keep my moodlets up. And if I have time between all that, I’m chasing after quest goals or chatting up a potential bride-to-be. She’s a pointy-eared druid. Hawke’s getting over his fear of elvish waifs with magical tendencies at long last.

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Sims Medieval: straight outta Kirkwall

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As the champion of Dragon Age II, Garrett Hawke’s been dealt a shabby hand. After losing most of his family and many of his friends, he’s cast adrift. He began as a refugee and leaves the stage, in most cases, just the same. The world in tatters and ruin behind him. Nightmares of blood mages and abominations plague his dreams.

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