Sims Medieval: unmarried with kids

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Varric’s on a quest for a legendary fountain that will cure him of his fondness for the ale. When last we left him he was at the palace learning about a mysterious book that might lead him to his goal. There’s also the matter of an imprisoned peasant who won’t talk about what she’s seen until our hero somehow releases her.

After The Jump: A new, adorable, threat emerges!

The Book of Foolish Fables is easily located in the village shops. Let me take a moment to talk about something Sims fans call “a rabbit hole.” These are locations where a Sim goes to achieve some task but, instead of actually doing anything, vanishes from the map entirely. Instead of going on a voyage, a hunt in the woods or a trip to the local village you’re presented with a text interaction amidst a burst of time compression. Simsaholics know these to be spots where future content is going to be linked in and the text interactions are a stopgap measure until then. The village is one of these places.

Sadly there’s nothing of use in the tome and Varric heads home for a meal and a night’s sleep. Or so he thinks. It seems the wee baby of the castle, Hawke’s daughter, the Crown Princess Bethany herself has taken a shine to Varric’s quiet little hovel.

She makes faces in mirrors and giggles uncontrollably at herself.

She splashes water from a vase as our hero tries to sleep.

But to Varric’s rescue comes the Royal Consort, Queen Amelia, who all but drags Bethany out by her ear. “Give Uncle Varric some peace!”

Next Up: The quest concludes with a dramatic twist! The exclamation point makes it so.
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