Sims Medieval: hitting a lady

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Varric Tethras goes home, sleeps, eats, and easily gets through his dailies including praising the tastes of two customers and paying his taxes. Now our hapless merchant is flat broke. So much for bargain hunting in the village. Perhaps we’ll try playing fishmonger once the quest is back on track. For now there’s a missing peasant to find who might have some answers about the mysterious fountain that’s been haunting our hero.

After the jump, you won’t believe what Hawke is doing in the palace

As it turns out the peasant who might know the secret of the fountain in stocks! Now Varric needs to persuade Hawke to let Peasant Michelle go. When he gets to the castle he finds the king in a sparring match with the Merchant Princess Sonia of Tredony. This lady. She’s evil, excitable and a glutton; a glutton for punishment from the looks of this duel. Sonia is constantly getting into swordfights or yelling at servants. King Hawke’s always liked her, despite all that, because she spars with him.

In the background you can see Master Builder Dermott, a castle resident, and the kingdom’s new friar Brother Sebastian, formerly known as Sebastian Vael, one of our heroes. After the clash ends it seems that Princess Sonia will take out the frustration of her loss on poor Sweeper Edith. I know you can’t hear it in a picture but that looks like a maniacal cackle to me.

King Hawke can’t let Peasant Michelle go lest the laws of the land be flouted unless, of course, someone would be willing to either pay her fine or go into the stocks themselves. Varric ponders before settling on his course of action and fetches another large tankard of ale upstairs. Hey, it’s a quest goal. Since he’s broke there’s no paying a fine and he’d rather not sit in stocks. There’s still one more lead, that missing book on the fountain. After browsing his bookshelf it dawns on Varric that perhaps a traveler visiting the village shops might have sold such a book. He’ll head right up there after eating some royal food, drinking some royal ale and napping on a royal divan. What are old friends for?

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