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Wargame: Red Dragon gets some more units that you can’t pronounce

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If you thought the real-time strategy game, Wargame: Red Dragon, was missing some Scandinavian flavor, you were right. Developer Eugen Systems has added another 60 units to the game with the Norse Dragons DLC. (Hey, what’s with all the Scandinavian expansions lately?) The third free expansion to the game fills in the order of battle for Sweden, Denmark & Norway and binrgs them up to “equal footing” with other nations. Get a load of these tongue twisting names.

Every type of unit is represented (planes, infantry, tanks, IFVs.) including some iconic and long-expected “Northern” units: the Saab Gripen, Fromandskorpset, NASAMS… And as a bonus, ANZAC will also get an extra unit, in the form of the Vickers Mk.11.

Wargame: Red Dragon is currently on sale on Steam. You can check out Tom’s thoughts about the game when it launched.

Wargame’s Millionth Mile DLC will give ships the what-for

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In case you’re playing Wargame: Red Dragon as a slightly upgraded version of Wargame: AirLand Battle, developer Eugen wants to remind you that there are ships in there. So today’s free “Millionth Mile” update, which adds more than 60 new units for the Eastern bloc powers (sorry other side of the Iron Curtain!), also adds very special trucks that will be useful if your opponent is playing with naval units.

…The Millionth Mile also introduces a brand new kind of unit, in the form of an AShM (anti-ship missile!) truck carrier. These units, whose main function is to engage ships over long distances from the land, increase the tactical depth of the game while redefining Wargame’s naval warfare!

Frankly, I find playing on maps composed entirely of land redefines Wargame’s naval warfare just fine.

You can read my anti-ship review here.

Wargame: Red Dragon deploys into Asia

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Focus Interactive and Eugen Systems have announced Wargame: Red Dragon, the follow-up to one of Tom Chick’s top ten games of 2013. The new real-time strategy game will let players win hearts and minds via conventional forces from the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s. Naval platforms will provide new ways to spread your ideology, and five new nations will fill out the already extensive Wargame roster of forces. Instead of the one large strategic campaign map that Wargame: AirLand Battle had, Eugen plans to have a dozen campaigns covering the conflicts in central Asia.

“Bear vs. Dragon” will, chronologically, be the first campaign. As one can easily imagine, this campaign will pitch China against the USSR in a limited border war in 1979, when the former’s intervention in Vietnam triggers the latter’s reaction.

Based on Eugen Systems’ track record with the Wargame series, I expect Wargame: Red Dragon to have outstanding support and plenty of Cold War action.