Euro Truck Simulator 2’s new area may inspire you to let it go

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That image is from Euro Truck Simulator 2’s upcoming Scandinavia DLC. Apparently, there’s more to Scandinavia than scrappy Disney ice queens and Danish pastries. SCS Software says that they worked hard to make the sights from the new routes reflect their real-life counterparts a lot more than the original game’s sometimes bland routes.

We have dedicated a lot of time and attention to recreating Scandinavian sights and landmarks in order to make the scenery more vibrant and lifelike. We tried hard to distill the looks and sights of the region to stay true to its spirit, and in the process created a lot of new assets to make driving more varied and the exploration more interesting.

In related news, the developers released a video with about an hour of gameplay from American Truck Simulator which is still in development. It’s like the sequel to Desert Bus that we’ve all been waiting for!