Wargame: Red Dragon gets some more units that you can’t pronounce

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If you thought the real-time strategy game, Wargame: Red Dragon, was missing some Scandinavian flavor, you were right. Developer Eugen Systems has added another 60 units to the game with the Norse Dragons DLC. (Hey, what’s with all the Scandinavian expansions lately?) The third free expansion to the game fills in the order of battle for Sweden, Denmark & Norway and binrgs them up to “equal footing” with other nations. Get a load of these tongue twisting names.

Every type of unit is represented (planes, infantry, tanks, IFVs.) including some iconic and long-expected “Northern” units: the Saab Gripen, Fromandskorpset, NASAMS… And as a bonus, ANZAC will also get an extra unit, in the form of the Vickers Mk.11.

Wargame: Red Dragon is currently on sale on Steam. You can check out Tom’s thoughts about the game when it launched.