Jagged Alliance 2: science fiction double feature

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Well now, that’s a little bit different, isn’t it? See, when I started this playthrough of Jagged Alliance 2, one of the options I left checked in the game settings was “Sci-Fi Mode.” This adds exactly one thing to the game: the Crepitus. They being giant, nasty bugs that feed on human flesh.

Fortunately, to fight them, I have a robot that was given to me by a mad scientist.

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Jagged Alliance 2: if you’re going to San Mona…

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While on the hunt for ice cream, the Dispensables passed through San Mona. While most towns in Arulco are initially held by Queen Deidranna, San Mona is a mob-run town, led by a man named Kingpin.

The Dispensables’ first stop upon entering town was the local watering hole, run by one of Kingpin’s henchmen, named Darren. He asks if I’m there for the extreme fighting competition. Why yes, I do happen to have a mercenary trained in hand-to-hand combat.

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Jagged Alliance 2: strawberry’s my favorite!

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See that map up above? That’s how much of the map I uncover before I finally find Hamous and his ice cream truck. Have a seat, children, and I’ll tell you a tale.

Leaving from Cambria, the Dispensables follow the road north to San Mona. Unique among the towns in Arulco, San Mona isn’t held by Deidranna’s troops. Instead, it’s run by crime boss named Kingpin and his mob. Instead of just passing through, the Dispensables have themselves a grand old time in San Mona.

That’s an entry of its own, though, and one that I’ll deal with tomorrow. Right now, we’re still jonesing for some neopolitan.

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Jagged Alliance 2: cat scratch fever

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Though I’m sitting pretty in Tixa, I can’t train militia there, and I’ve got to abandon it for Cambria to the north. There’s another S.A.M. site right nearby, as well as the Cambria mine and the hospital, right in a convenient line.

Unfortunately, you won’t see any of it, because at some point while playing, Fraps stopped taking screenshots when I told it to, and I have no screens of the S.A.M. site or the hospital. At least Cambria was relatively uneventful…except for things getting a little hairy at the hospital.

Afterwards, though, I have a run-in with Mother Nature.

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Jagged Alliance 2: tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak

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Tixa isn’t too far away from Alma, so after resting up and training militia in the town, the Dispensables are ready to go bust the mine owner’s brother out of prison. Attacking Tixa during the day would be a huge mistake, so again, I go in at night.

In the past, I’ve often gone with a frontal assault on Tixa, because I usually don’t take the prison until I’ve progressed a bit farther in the game, and I have enough high-powered weaponry to blow a whole right into the building. However, for my second Thin-Lizzy-inspired entry, I’m going to be a bit sneakier.

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Jagged Alliance 2: I don’t know, but I’ve been told

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Normally, after capturing Drassen and securing the services of Skyrider, the next logical step is to go for Cambria, the large town at the center of the map. The hospital at Cambria is an excellent place to patch up wounded mercs, and can provide enough medical kits to last me the rest of the game, if I’m willing to pay a bit of town loyalty as a price.

I’m not going there, though. Not yet. Just to the south of Drassen is Alma, the primary military base of Arulco. While a much more difficult target, the rewards significantly outweigh the risks.

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Jagged Alliance 2: looking good, Bobby Ray

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Drassen has been successfully taken and staffed with a full complement of militia, but my team is under-geared and nearly out of ammo. Thankfully, while I’ve been training militia, the money from the mine has been building up. Time for a shopping spree!

The 1.13 patch’s most significant addition to Jagged Alliance 2 can be found at Bobby Ray’s, your online one-stop-shop for all things death-dealing. Hundreds of new weapons are added to the game, as well as a wide range of new armor, ammunition types, and other equipment. No matter how you want a merc to operate, you’ll find equipment perfectly suited to their needs.

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Jagged Alliance 2: when I tell you she was cool, she was red hot

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After a surprisingly successful noontime operation at the farm, the Dispensables rest up for the push onto Drassen. Ira has some medical skill, so she patches everyone up while Chopshop repairs what he can before night falls.

In the wee hours of the morning, I move the team onward to the Drassen airport. It’s the very next zone to the east. It’s time for my first night op, and time for Mantis to really hit her stride.

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Jagged Alliance 2: down on the farm

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When we last left our heroes, the Dispensables were on their way to liberate the town of Drassen. It’s not far, but getting there turns out to be a bit more difficult than I expected. I very quickly spot one of Queen Deidranna’s patrols in the woods. Shouldn’t have stuck to the road, I guess.

The woods encounter has the potential to be a slaughter. My mercs don’t have nearly the weapons range to confidently take on a patrol in a relatively wide-open zone like these woods. Fortunately, the Dispensables sneak along the edge of the woods and make it to the next zone, a small farm on the road. No, it’s not particularly heroic, but don’t worry. We’ll be seeing this patrol again.

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Jagged Alliance 2: welcome to our tropical hideaway

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A dictatorial queen has an iron grip on a small island in…um…actually, I have no idea. Not that it matters. Let’s say it’s in South Ameurafricasia and leave it at that. What does matter is that I’ve been given a fat contract and 32 grand to go in there and take Queen Deidranna out of power so the people of Arulco can be free at last.

This is a job for…the Dispensables.

At their disposal is the Jagged Alliance 2 v.1.13 “patch,” a user-created mod that adds new features, new tactics, and new guns. Boy howdy, does it add new guns.

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