Jagged Alliance 2: if you’re going to San Mona…

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While on the hunt for ice cream, the Dispensables passed through San Mona. While most towns in Arulco are initially held by Queen Deidranna, San Mona is a mob-run town, led by a man named Kingpin.

The Dispensables’ first stop upon entering town was the local watering hole, run by one of Kingpin’s henchmen, named Darren. He asks if I’m there for the extreme fighting competition. Why yes, I do happen to have a mercenary trained in hand-to-hand combat.

After the jump: Mantis gets made

The fighting ring in San Mona lets you put up bets of $1,000 or $5,000 for each bout, and the payout for winning is 2:1. Mantis immediately jumps in the ring. Darren warns me that no weapons are allowed, but that doesn’t seem to apply to brass knuckles.

Armed with her illicit fist of steel, Mantis makes quick work of her first two opponents. The third guy jumps in the ring and starts doing all sorts of crazy acrobatic fighting moves. To gain an edge, Mantis injects herself with an energy booster. Juicing is just part of the game in this league!

When the bloodlust lifts, Mr. Fancy Feet is lying dead on the mat. Apparently that’s not a problem either, and she leaves the fights $15,000 richer.

Exploring the shops of San Mona a bit more, I meet a man named Angel, who runs a local leather shop. Angel asks me to rescue his sister Maria, who is being forced to work as a prostitute at the Shady Lady, the brothel run by Kingpin.

Finding the Shady Lady isn’t hard. It’s a huge building. Unfortunately, posing as a customer isn’t an option; the brothel doesn’t cater to women, and the potential for combat means I’m sure as hell not sending Chopshop in there alone. Fortunately, there’s a back door.

Chopshop picks the lock, and he and Mantis go in alone. Mantis covers him while he starts unlocking doors, starting with the first door on his left.

Well that’s convenient. Again, Mantis keeps an eye out for guards, but it’s not far to the exit, and she, Chopshop, and Maria all get out easily.

Once I return Maria to Angel’s shop, the reunited siblings immediately skip town. Angel gives me the deed to his leather shop, and tells me that Kingpin keeps his money deep in the abandoned San Mona mine, if I want to try and rob him. If? IF? Of course I do!

I go in expecting a fight, but the entrance to the San Mona mine isn’t even guarded, and I find Kingpin’s stash without any trouble. Three of the chests are empty, but the other five contain $5,000. Each. Oh, I’m rolling in it now.

But I’m not done with San Mona yet. On my way out of town, I meet a man named Kyle, who runs the local tattoo parlor. He tells me that the tattoo business is only temporary, and that he actually has his eye on Angel’s leather shop. No, no, you mean MY leather shop, Kyle.

Seems like a fair deal. Another $10,000 for me!

Let’s review, shall we? Mantis earned $15,000 from the fighting ring, I stole $25,000 from Kingpin, and sold Angel’s leather shop for a final $10,000. With that 50 grand sitting comfortably in my account, the Dispensables move on from San Mona.

But wait, there’s more! A day later, the Dispensables are back in Drassen distributing the gear from the huge order from Bobby Ray that I bought with all that money, and I get an e-mail from my old buddy, Kingpin.

Sure, I’ll come for a visit.

With Eagle and Dr. Q now on staff, the Dispensables return to San Mona for a final assault on Kingpin’s “compound.” Really, it’s just one building, but he’s got henchmen scattered throughout the town.

Mantis and Raven cover the front walk, while Buzz, Meltdown, and Dr. Q go around back. Eagle takes up a position in a grove of trees that lets him see the entire inside of Kingpin’s house.

Then the bullets start flying. It’s a massacre; nowhere in that house is safe. Any heads poking out the front door are popped by Mantis and Raven, and henchmen can’t even make it to the back door, as Eagle snipes them while they’re still inside. When the house seems clear, Buzz goes in the back door to find Kingpin hiding in his rec room. He would wipe the floor with her if he got off a shot, but he doesn’t. His head pops like all the rest.

And hey, look at that, Kingpin’s got another $10,000 in his pockets. Really, who carries around that much cash?

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