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Drassen has been successfully taken and staffed with a full complement of militia, but my team is under-geared and nearly out of ammo. Thankfully, while I’ve been training militia, the money from the mine has been building up. Time for a shopping spree!

The 1.13 patch’s most significant addition to Jagged Alliance 2 can be found at Bobby Ray’s, your online one-stop-shop for all things death-dealing. Hundreds of new weapons are added to the game, as well as a wide range of new armor, ammunition types, and other equipment. No matter how you want a merc to operate, you’ll find equipment perfectly suited to their needs.

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That cobbled-together image you see above is just a small portion of what I already have available to buy this early in the game. First order of business, though, is to get more ammunition. Buzz and Mantis get 6 clips apiece for their appropriate weapons.

Meltdown’s also completely run out of ammo for her Colt .45s, but she’s due for an upgrade anyway. Since she’ll be devouring ammo, I need something that uses the extremely common 9x19mm. Twin Mini-Uzis should do the trick. She also gets a piece of used LBE gear, which will let her carry more grenades. Used gear is cheaper, at a cost to durability, but durability doesn’t affect LBE gear until it breaks completely, so used is fine.

Finally, Mantis has been a damn ninja during nighttime operations, and like any self-respecting ninja, she needs a katana and shurikens. My final order looks like so:

I’ve got next-day shipping, but that leaves me with some time to kill in the Drassen area, so I go to explore the swamp to the east. Somewhere in the swamps around Drassen, I can find Skyrider, the helicopter pilot. As I take out the S.A.M. sites scattered around Arulco, he’ll be able to fly the Dispensables all over the map. I don’t have any luck finding Skyrider, but I do happen to know there’s a S.A.M. site right nearby.

I go for a night assault again, but just as I reach the site, it starts to storm. This could get really ugly. Weather is another new feature of 1.13, and storms in particular add all sorts of new twists. Visibility, especially at night, shrinks to just about nothing, but with the added twist that lightning can illuminate the entire area for a split second, giving away your position. It’s a dangerous time to assault a S.A.M. site, but this one is lightly guarded.

Mantis starts off by cutting through the fence behind the operations building and climbing onto the roof. Buzz sneaks in behind her to go around the side, while Meltdown takes a position by the guard station, just outside the light, to cover the front of the building.

What follows is a death trap, as soldiers step into the light and are caught in the crossfire. Buzz takes a few hits from a soldier that tries to flank her, but he doesn’t see Meltdown, and she cuts through him like butter.

A few more soldiers are left hiding among the AA guns. Meltdown and Mantis move in, and one enemy wanders into their extremely limited range of vision just as he runs out of action points. Mantis repaints the yard with his innards.

The final soldier decides the best use of his action points is to steal Meltdown’s weapon. She’s got a second one, but this is personal now. Mantis punches him in the face to knock him down, so Meltdown can beat him to death.

Never. Take. My. Weapon.

There’s some wonderful loot from the S.A.M. site. Meltdown gets a full suit of Kevlar armor, as well as few frag and stun grenades, while Buzz finds some ammunition for her rifle. I also get a wonderful e-mail from Bobby Ray.

Joy! After training some militia to defend the S.A.M. site, four of the Dispensables return to the Drassen airport, while Ira is left behind to train more militia. On the way, I decide to search the one square of swamp to the west of Drassen, and sure enough, that’s where I finally find Skyrider. It’s easy enough to recruit him to my cause. I just have to get him to his helicopter, which is so conveniently back at the airport.

With a new pilot and helicopter at my disposal, I return to collect my shipment. The Dispensables are set to move on. I’ve had enough of sitting around Drassen. Time to move on to the town of Alma.

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