“Get to the chopper!” will no longer be a death sentence in Ghost Recon Wildlands

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Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands has its share of issues but many people are able to look past the open-world game’s faults to get to the co-op shooting. Those that do, eventually run up against the number one player-killer in the game. A deadly, merciless foe that has the ability to wipe out a full four-man squad of online players in one go. Behold Ghost Recon Wildlands’ inscrutable helicopter controls. They’re an ungainly square dance of third-person yaw, pitch, and speed that defies sanity. Just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on them, the true horror is revealed: Armed helicopters don’t have any way of aiming their forward-facing weapons! Thankfully, Ubisoft has heard the cries of its players, and rather than laughing and walking away, they laughed and updated the controls in Title Update 6.

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