Death by muscle memory in Far Cry 3

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I’m about to have an awesome gunfight. I’m in a jeep, racing up to some bad guys on my right. I pass them and yank the wheel to the right so the car slides at such an angle that it will be between me and the bad guys when I get out, providing convenient cover from their gunfire. To add a little extra slide, which will look totally sweet, I hit the powerbrake. Well, what would have been the powerbrake in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. It’s not easy to shake twenty hours of recent muscle memory.

The powerbrake in Most Wanted is the X button. In Far Cry 3, it’s the B button. In Far Cry 3, the X button is what you press to get out of the car. So I basically throw myself out the right side of a car that is quickly and violently scudding to the right. What was supposed to be a sweet powerslide ending in a heavily armed man leaping out and firing as a big-ass machinegun is instead a guy tumbling out of a car that skids over him to death.

It is not the only time I will do this.