Unsung Story remains unfinished, undone, and unreleased

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Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians was supposed to be Playdek’s take on Final Fantasy Tactics with series helmer Yasumi Matsuno’s creative assistance. The Kickstarter ended successfully in February 2014 having raised over $660,000 in funding. It is now one of the most high-profile videogame Kickstarter failures. What started as a single player story-heavy strategy game became a player-vs-player boondoggle that consistently disappointed fans with each increasingly rare update. Now, two years past its initial release date, Playdek has sold the project off to Little Orbit.

Little Orbit CEO Matthew Scott says that they are starting from scratch on Unsung Story, and that they do not have the resources to refund dissatisfied backers. The good news is that Little Orbit is returning to the original single player direction of the game, and they are committed to delivering Kickstarter backer rewards at no additional cost. No schedule was announced, but at least someone seems to be working on something. Little Orbit does have a solid, if not unspectacular, record in the business. At this point, dependable may be more desirable than being too ambitious.