NBA 2K16 tries to do the right thing

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NBA 2K16 launched on the 29th and if you’re not big into basketball, you may not have noticed. If the Pelicans, Warriors, and Rockets don’t hold your interest, what chance would 2K Sports’ version of the NBA have at enticing you away from killing enemy soldiers or crafting mines? But maybe you should pay more attention to this. NBA 2K16 may have one of the most wack-a-doodle intro videos to a “serious” sports game that anyone’s ever published. What do glowing eyes, a post-apocalyptic crumbling city, and a demon throne have to do with the glitz and glam of the NBA? You’d have to ask Spike Lee for the answer. The infamously prickly film director wrote the story for the single player campaign. That’s right. It’s a Spike Lee joint. It even says so on the cover.

NBA 2K16 is available for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC.