The changing face of evil in co-op tabletop game Darkest Night

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Darkest Night is Victory Point Games’ take on an Arkham Horror style co-op game. Each player gets a character with unique abilities. He moves around the map trying to hold back the tide of baddies and retrieve the relics needed to defeat the main baddie. But instead of the Arkham Horror glut of tiny Ameritrash bits and the requisite hour-long set-up, you’re playing a more Euro-ish game with broader simpler rules that make ample room for interesting character interactions. And instead of fighting Cthulhu, you’re fighting a generic necromancer. I don’t even think he has a name. In the above screenshot, the four hero characters are poised to move out from the monastery on the left. The necromancer is the guy in the ruins on the right. Can you see him? He can be hard to distinguish from the heroes. “No, that’s not my character, that’s the necromancer” is something you’re liable to hear if someone asks you to, say, reach over and move his dude to the swamp.

I mostly don’t believe in modding boardgames. I’m not big on house rules. I tend to trust the developers. Sometimes I’ll make an exception.

After the jump, Darkest Night is one such exception.

I’ve modded Darkest Night by replacing the necromancer figure with something more imposing.