The trading floor is open for Anno 2205 and the economic forecast does not look good

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I ducked into Anno 2205 to check out today’s update. A few screens explain some of the changes in broad strokes: a global stock market, trading corporate shares, a new resource called influence, espionage, counter-espionage, disasters, monopolies, unique sector traits that modify your economies. Once I was past those screens, there were the familiar cities that I had spent so much time cultivating, shaping, renovating, tweaking. In a temperate archipelago, in a frozen waste, on the moon. Not in the tundra yet, since that’s a $12 add-on. But the tundra is there on the map when my $12 are ready for it.

Unfortunately, my economy was in a freefall given all the new additions to the game. Something about new administrative costs? This is what happens when you come back to a complex game after a major update. Things fall apart in entirely new ways. And this is definitely a major update. Entirely new systems, new gameplay dynamics, new challenges, new tools, new goals. Free. This is the sort of update that will draw a fellow back in.

Anno 2205 is a game with a hard failstate. If you run a negative balance for more than thirty minutes, then…well, frankly, I’m not sure what happens, but I suspect it isn’t good. Since this is a game without a save/reload option, I have no intention of finding out. Fortunately, when you apply the update, it makes a backup of your corporation. There’s a lot to process here. A lot to adjust in order to pull up out of an economic nosedive. Ubisoft rightly figured I might want a mulligan.

The Big Five Pack — it’s a reference to the five corporations competing on the stock market — is available today for free.