Elemental asks, “What is your quest?”

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Need a new video card? Good at coming up with quests for your D&D campaign? Then you’re in luck! Stardock is giving out a fancy new ATI card to the winner of their “design a quest” contest for Elemental. The winning quest even goes into the game.

What’s notable about this contest is that all the submissions are public. Well, mostly. A horrible pop-up window tends to scroll the tops of the quests off the page, so I can’t read about the mysterious stranger offering a given quest.

Some of these are about as dull as you’d expect, but you can spot the aspiring DMs. Take, for instance, bootleg96 and his submission, “You Love Betrayal”, which will test your allegiance to an allied kingdom.

In exchange for POWER, you MUST declare war on your ally and sacrifice a bunch of his people for the dark magic, torture-sacrifice thing… the shaman can only use sacrifices from your ally’s people (‘coz they have a special mojo in them) so you can’t just kill at someone you already dislike. And the ritual is like… CRAZY cruel and WICKED bad so there’s NO WAI you’re ally will ever forgive you.

Is it a good quest? Who cares. That kid has spirit!