House of the Dying Sun is a much better name than Enemy Starfighter

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When we first saw this work-in-progress space combat game from Mike Tipul in 2012, it was called Enemy Starfighter. It was a name so bland that it was tough to care about the game despite the striking art style, promise of procedurally generated scenarios, and perma-death campaign. Now it’s called House of the Dying Sun which is so much more evocative and intriguing. Whose house? Why is the sun dying?

The game has also taken a mighty change in direction. Instead of being a string of dynamically generated encounters, the game’s campaign is now made of 14 hand-crafted scenarios. Replay is encouraged with bonus objectives and unlockable goodies.

The combat in House is HIGHLY dependent on positioning and timing to make it sing. This means old-school encounter design. I really came to grips with this last summer and immediately shifted gears. Now the game runs on highly crafted, lightning fast fights that have designed enemy setups, sight lines, engagement ranges, reinforcements, custom AI behaviors, and more.

House of the Dying Sun will be available as an early access title on Steam in June.