Anno 2070 sputters to life again

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After a strong opening and then a long lull, Anno 2070 finally gets some cool new online content today. When the game launched, it had a really neat voting gimmick for global bonuses, a friends list, achievements, and the promise of free scenarios called world events. The first world event was about fighting pirates. The pirates got beat, the world event ended, and it was time for the second world event. The second world event was…uh…dilatory. For months, Anno 2070’s world was eventless.

Not to say that the game lacks content. It doesn’t. It’s a generous package, but part of that package is the promise of nifty new online features. The unfulfilled promise of nifty online features. The friends list is still useless, there’s no way to admire other people’s cities, and the world events stopped.

That changes a bit today with the next world event! The Eden Initiative wants you to repair some busted structures called formers (pictured), which are super eco-friendly anti-pollution devices. As you finish the three scenarios in the Eden world event, you’ll unlock plans for new devices including the formers themselves. You can then research these plans in your other scenarios and build the new doo-dads. At least that’s how I think it works. I finished the first scenario and then loaded up the neverending city I’ve spent 20 hours building. I didn’t see any option to research my new plans yet. I blame the incredibly intricate research and crafting in Anno 2070.

Ubisoft is also selling some cosmetic frippery, upgraded versions of the tech you get by completing the world event, and even the option to just buy your way around the world event. More details here. Or just boot up the game and read all about it on the front-end.

Finally, someone wake up the Senate. They don’t have anything to vote for? The World Council is making them look bad.