Forza 4 is the racing game for Fit lovers

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Check it out. That’s my Honda Fit tearing it up at Tsukuba in Forza 4. Pretty awesome, huh? I don’t know why you don’t see more Honda Fits in the racing world. Like, say, the Annual Honda Fit Invitational at Nurburgring.

Paramount’s 2003 remake of The Italian Job was a love letter to (i.e. product placement for) BMW’s new Mini Cooper. I think it’s time for a similar movie featuring the Honda Fit. Paul Walker will star as the hero who assembles a plucky band of heisters, each with a different colored Honda Fit. Daniel Day-Lewis will play the villain, who drives a Humvee. In the big finale, our heroes will save the day because Day-Lewis has to pull over at a gas station to fill up, while the Fits merrily drive away, getting nearly 40 miles to the gallon.

Disclaimer: I drive a Honda Fit. This post may or may not be a desperate bid to convince myself my car is, in fact, cool.