August 15, 2011: wallet threat level yellow

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If you only have a PC, that means you haven’t played Bastion yet. I’m a little jealous because that means you can play Bastion for the first time. It’s an experience you’ll treasure and it’s available to PC gamers this week. When you’re done, listen to this interview with writer Greg Kasavin and then buy the fantastic soundtrack here.

If you have an Xbox 360, you’re also in for a treat this week! Toy Soldiers: Cold War on Xbox Live Arcade is an energetic tower defense game every bit as good as the original Toy Soldiers. And then some! I’ll have a review posted tomorrow. Suffice to say, I’m a little bit in love. Unless you’re allergic to tower defense games, you’re going to want to fork over the requisite Microsoft space bucks. The only reason Bastion and Toy Soldiers: Cold War don’t merit an elevated wallet threat is because they’re relatively inexpensive.

If you’re bound and determined to play From Dust, that’s also out for the PC this week. I’m guessing the PC will be the platform of choice, given the graphics and interface problems I had with the 360 version. However, you have to be willing to play an Ubisoft release on a PC, which is a bit like contributing to a Tim Pawlenty Presidential campaign.

On the unknown front, El Shaddai is out this week. It’s…uh…I don’t know. I got nothing. I saw posters for at E3 and thought they were for Assassin’s Creed. I guess it’s some sort of anime thing about the Old Testament.

Finally, Age of Empires Online goes live this week. I feel strongly about it and I’ll have a full review posted tomorrow.