My Rohirrim. Let me show you it.

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The Rise of Isengard add-on for Lord of the Rings Online comes out on September 27, raising the level cap and adding a new region and 24-man raid against a dragon that I’ll never see until I knuckle down and get through Moria. Which is awesome, to be sure. But it sure is hard jumping back into an MMO after you’ve been away for a while.

When you pre-order Rise of Isengard, you immediately get a few doo-dads, most of which are borderline useless. The actually useful one is Derudh’s Stone, which a character can equip in his pocket slot for a 25% xp boost. Handy for leveling alts, if you’re into that sort of thing. The stone’s name is taken from the Welsh word for druid. Turbine is drawing from Welsh mythology for Dunland, a poor tribal area that Saruman is recruiting in the upcoming war against Rohan. See how I know this stuff? Do I sound like the Tolkien dork I wish I was?

So when I got my pre-order code today, I figured I’d take a quick look at the cosmetic stuff. Not that I care about any of that. I mean, really, who cares what kind of horse your dude rides or what kind of cloak she wears, right? Not me. Pish.

Hey, these are whole new cosmetic armor sets. I wonder how they look if I just try them on. Ooh, look at the cool circlet thingies, which are very fetching on my elf. Whoa, my willowy elf suddenly looks kind of bulky and bad-ass in that cloak. Wow, the armor looks all, I dunno, rangery. Hey, these new mounts are supposed to be Rohirrim mounts. Surely they’re just horses, right? Whoa, they’ve got some kind of, like, bad ass horse tabards and headplate dealies! Here’s me riding around Bree in my bitchin’ armor of the Edelhorn, or whatever, with my Rohirrim mount. Level 75, here I come!