You can play part of the new System Shock now

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It’s another crowd-funding drive for a modern version of an old game. Wait! Don’t go yet! This is System Shock as done by Night Dive Studios. I know you’ve seen this all before. A beloved game redone in Unity. A Kickstarter with a lot of buzz. Pledge rewards. A studio staffed with industry vets. Even Chris Avellone is involved as a consultant. (Does this guy ever sleep?) A promise to stay true to the original vision, while using all the latest and greatest tech. What’s going to make this different from previous efforts like it? It may end in disappointment, but you have to give the developers credit for letting their work speak for itself.

There’s a free playable demo out now. This new version of System Shock is scheduled for a late 2017 release, and there’s already a demo to check out! It’s pre-alpha, so stuff might (and probably will) change, but what have you got to lose but a few minutes of your life? It’s got to be better than being attacked by rapid cyber-monkeys.