If the Enterprise fights Voltron, it must be Galactic Civilizations III’s launch date

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That’s one of the ships a player has built in the current beta of Galactic Civilizations III. People created some impressive stuff in Galactic Civilizations II, but just from looking through the screenshots in Steam, it’s obvious that folks will be going nuts in the newest game’s more robust ship creator. Star Trek vs. Star Wars vs. Babylon 5 vs. Battlestar Galactica vs. Flash Gordon vs. The Last Starfighter? It’s like everything in our own starship week crammed into a cage match.

Now, Galactic Civilizations III has an official launch date. Stardock announced that the third installment of their space 4X franchise will release on May 14th. In early access, it’s grown from bare bones turn-based space expansion game to an almost full-fledged star-spanning exercise in crushing puny humans. Bah, humans! With better ship creation, custom factions, strategic hex maps, 4-player online multiplayer, and an ideology mechanic, Galactic Civilizations III promises to have a modified YT-1300 light freighter’s cargo hold of improvements from previous games.

Galactic Civilizations III is available on Windows PC.