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Why The Order isn’t just a Dishonored clone

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The Order 1886 makes for a terrible demo at this stage in its development. It looks like a Gears clone with a Steampunk skin. The demo showed a cutscene where you tap out Morse code, then a QTE melee (press triangle to grab the knife!), and then some lackluster covershootering. Then we get to another cutscene to find out all the fuss was about a crate. Yep, a crate. What’s in the crate? We’re about to find out. It must be important. The crate gets opened. What’s in there? Here we go!

It’s a gun. There’s a gun in the crate. All that for a gun. We just saw dozens of them in action and here’s one more, in a crate. QTEs, covershootering, and a gun in a crate, coming — exclusively! — to a Playstation 4 near you later this year.

So why am I eager to see how The Order turns out? Find out after the jump. Continue reading →