Xbox Live brought to you by today’s sponsor as well as your own money

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The Playstation Network is free, and it’s got ads. Fair enough. Xbox Live costs $60 a year. And as of last week’s update, it has more prominent advertising than the Playstation Network, without any commensurate price cut for the service. In other words, it brings additional revenue to Microsoft with no additional value to you. Don’t write it off as a simple piece of screen real estate you can ignore. There’s a principle at work here. Microsoft is selling your eyeballs and you don’t get a cut of that. As the internet and videogaming hash out various revenue models, I feel there should be a line between subscription-based and advertising-based services. One or the other, gentlemen. Make up your mind.

It takes a bit of work and a free OpenDNS accounts, but I recommend this Reddit poster’s suggestion for how to disable the ads. Which I will gladly endure on a service that doesn’t cost $60.

Now if only someone can figure out how to get rid of the ubiquitous tab for a search function I will never use. Anyone on Reddit know how to de-Bing my console system?