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Qt3 Games Podcast: beyond two souls

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Tom Chick and Jason McMaster announce their upcoming charity golf tournament for some sort of charity, probably having to do with sick kids. They also discuss Grand Theft Auto V, online and off; whether League of Legends is really a sport or even worth spectating; the latest in Marvel Heroes’ superheroics and eternity splinters; dogslicers and horsechoppers in Pathfinder; and the gameplay [sic] in Beyond: Two Souls.


13 things you should know about the new Skinsaw Murders adventure for Pathfinder

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Has your Pathfinder group reached Thistletop Delve yet? If so, your progress in this unique collectible card RPG is stalled for the time being, waiting for the next adventure deck. Hang in there! Later this month, publisher Paizo will release the Skinsaw Murders Adventure Deck, which takes your characters to the next level. Curious what’s in store for you?

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Your Daily McMaster: Pathfinder paladin Seelah always slays her dragon

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The rest of my party fought the beast in the Thassilonian Dungeon while I wasn’t there. Our ranger, Harsk, fired a few bolts into it as it flew away. After the excitement died down, we began our search anew. While Lem, Harsk and Amiri split up to check out different locations, my instincts told me that something wasn’t right at the Shrine to Lamashtu. Of course, nothing is really ever “right” at the shrine, but moreso this time around. So I, Seelah, a paladin skilled at searching out monsters, traveled alone to the blasted shrine.

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Off to a great start with Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game

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It’s the second time I’ve lost someone at the approach to Thistletop Delve. This is the next to last adventure in the game. Basically, the staging area before the final boss. Two weeks ago, I lost my sorceress to an ambush here. Spellcasters are powerful but frail. If they’re caught off guard, or if they can’t cycle their spells properly, it can get ugly. What’s more, a handful of d4s can be deceptively comforting for the higher minimum range you’ll roll. What nerd wouldn’t rather fight with 4d4 than 2d8? But when an ambush applies a -1 to all your rolls? Well, so much for my sorceress. Permadeath is a hell of a thing.

And just now, we had Gogmurt cornered in the Treacherous Caves. My monk has almost single-handedly cleared the Nettles and the Goblin Fortress. The monk was the only one still hearty enough to go after that little bastard goblin. The monk was primed to fight with a tight cycle of blessing cards to pack a real whallop. But I cut my deck management too close. The monk stumbled across explosive runes that he wasn’t smart enough to disarm. Well, so much for my monk. Did I mention that permadeath is a hell of a thing? Because it’s the driving force behind Pathfinder, an odd hybrid of deck-building game, tabletop RPG, and push-your-luck sadism.

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Qt3 Games Podcast: you are a deck of cards

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This week you’re in for either a treat or an ordeal, depending on how you feel about recent games designed around the concept of a character as a deck of cards. Tom Chick, Rob Harvey, and first-timer Scott Lufkin talk about Card Hunter, Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game, and Sentinels of the Multiverse. And we furthermore welcome the creators of those games for an epic-length, star-studded podcast featuring Jon Chey, designer of Card Hunter; Mike Selinker, designer of Pathfinder; and Christopher Badell and Adam Rebottaro, the designers of Sentinels of the Multiverse. We hope you’ll enjoy the entire podcast, but you can skip to the Card Hunter interview at the 18:00 mark, the Pathfinder interview at the 1:14 mark, and the Sentinels interview at the 2:29 mark.