13 things you should know about the new Skinsaw Murders adventure for Pathfinder

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Has your Pathfinder group reached Thistletop Delve yet? If so, your progress in this unique collectible card RPG is stalled for the time being, waiting for the next adventure deck. Hang in there! Later this month, publisher Paizo will release the Skinsaw Murders Adventure Deck, which takes your characters to the next level. Curious what’s in store for you?

After the jump, beyond Thistletop

13) There are no basic cards in Skinsaw Murders. The days of seeing cool stuff that you can freely add to your deck are apparently over. Everything in Skinsaw Murders will only work its way into your characters’ decks by you finding it or earning it.

12) If you thought the Frost Ray was nice, wait until you get your arcane mitts on a Lightning Bolt spell. Don’t worry, Valeros, I got this one. Go make yourself a sandwich or something.

11) You might be nimble enough to escape a Slashing Blade and wise enough to resist the Shopkeeper’s Daughter. But no one — and I mean no one — can escape a Falling Bell unscathed.

10) How many times have you snagged a card that would be perfect for another player, but you never get around to meeting up to hand it over? You’re sorting your cards at the end of the game and you’re all, “Oh, hey, do you still want this?” With a new Merchant ally, redistribute wealth without the hassle of having to carry it yourself.

9) Skinsaw Murders is a perfect Halloween module. Zombies, ghosts, scarecrows, and evil cultists!

8) There are only four new locations in Skinsaw Murders. The first scenario, Undead Uprising, uses two of them no matter how many players are playing. You’ll want Kyra to lead the way to Habe’s Sanatorium. Bring your heartiest blade to the Mill.

7) Crow Bait is going to hurt for how you’ll have to bury some of your damage instead of discard it. These wounds don’t fully heal. Got armor?

6) In Foul Misgivings, you’ll visit the manor of a character you may have met by now. The ghosts you’ll meet in this scenario are unlike any ghosts you’ve met so far. Suffice to say they’ll haunt you long after you’ve met them.

5) The theme of Foul Misgivings is that someone’s coming, and behind her, someone even worse is coming. Keep your friend close.

4) Anyone playing a spellcaster recalls how awesome it was to go to the Academy and load up on spells. The Cult Exposed turns that on its head.

3) In the finale, Angel in the Tower, the party must deal first with a weird enchanted clocktower that forces you to cycle your hand at the beginning of every turn. What tools will you have to deal with the challenges you’ll meet in the Shadow Clock? You won’t know until right before you encounter them. Furthermore, the Shadow Clock demands a sacrifice. To close it, you’ll have to permanently say goodbye to an ally. And guess what’s just next door? That damnable Shrine to Lamashtu.

2) Do you have a T-shirt that says, “I finished Burnt Offerings and all I got was this lousy medallion”? Or, even worse, are you one of the characters who didn’t even get the medallion? You have a better chance for treasure this time around. Skinsaw Murders includes four pieces of loot for whomever finishes it. Sorry, players five and six.

1) Speaking of the loot in Skinsaw Murders, I call dibbs on the Medusa Mask. What a great monster management card.

The Skinsaw Murders Adventure Deck will ship later this month. Support Qt3 by ordering it here: