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Drive on Moscow drifts back onto the iPad with a whole new AI

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When Shenandoah Studio’s Drive on Moscow came out last November, the AI was, shall we say, primitive. People playing their first game reported wiping out every enemy unit on the map. The previous release, Battle of the Bulge, had left a lasting impression of a revolutionary and flawlessly implemented interface with a game system that fit it perfectly. Drive on Moscow, despite its many merits, had a bit of a sour aftertaste.

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An easy commute through light traffic for the Drive on Moscow

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Shenandoah’s scoring system has players each pushing and pulling on the same victory point track rather than racking up individual scores. The score is for the game as a whole, and not for either side. For instance, at the beginning of the campaign, with the Russians holding the map and the Germans arriving from the west, the score is a tidy zero. When the Germans capture an important territory, the score goes up. There goes Rzhev! Now the score is three. But when Russia destroys German units or recaptures a territory, the score goes down. Russia just trashed the 36th Motorized Brigade for a point. Now the score is now two. And now they’ve liberated Rzhev. The score is negative one.

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