How DC Universe tricks you into playing as Robin

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Okay, you know Batman’s sidekick, Chris O’Donnell, or “Robin”, or “Burt Ward”, as your parents might know him? He’s in DC Universe. If you spend 10 legendary marks, you can play as him in the arena battles. Ha ha, who’s going to voluntarily play as Robin? That’s a good one. DC Universe certainly has a sense of humor.

I cleverly sidestep the humiliating experience of showing up for an arena PvP battle as the Boy Wonder by saving up my legendary marks. I save up 35 of the silly things. And I spend them unlocking some sort of bad-ass ninja dude named Nightwing. He’s got a black-and-blue theme going, kind of like Quarter to Three. He hits people with two sticks about the size of rolled up magazines, a la Jason Bourne in Bourne Supremacy. I install this wallpaper on my computer. When I spawn into an arena battles, I figure I’m one of the cool guys instead of one of the losers who blew his first 10 legendary marks to role-play Chris O’Donnell in tights.

Or so I thought. I just found out via a cutscene that Nightwing is Robin. He grows up, ditches Batman for some sort of solo tour under the name Nightwing, and then promptly fails to protect the city when it’s devastated by a chemical warfare attack. So not only am I playing Robin, I’m playing an adult Robin who has done the exact opposite of saving people. I feel so…betrayed.