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Betrayer is awesome while it’s awesome, but then there’s the rest of it

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There’s something to be said about a game that doesn’t explain itself, and that instead relies on you to figure out the gameplay as part of its mystery. That something is often, “screw this game!”. We’re used to tutorials breaking down for us one step at a time how to move, fire, change weapons, and bunny hop (WASD, left click, the mouse wheel, and space bar, respectively). All the other stuff will fall into place just as obviously.

But one of the early hooks in Betrayer is that it doesn’t explain itself. The mystery of what’s going on and how to play sustains Betrayer early on. This isn’t quite a corridor shooter and it isn’t quite an open world. It isn’t quite an adventure game and it isn’t quite a period piece. It isn’t quite Silent Hill and it isn’t quite FEAR.

But even more than the mystery — or perhaps part of it — there’s one thing that really sustains Betrayer.

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