Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk

Tom vs Bruce: Afghanistan ’11, turn zero

Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk have started a game of Afghanistan ’11 using the same seed (8B52H7SA1K1W, if you’d like to join us). Every week, they’ll post an update for ten turns of gameplay. Ideally, they’ll each get through all 60 turns of a game, at which point they’ll determine a winner by comparing hearts-and-minds score. The winner of a tie will be determined by alphabetical order. Using last names, of course. More likely, whoever lasts longer wins. Following is their pre-game briefing, otherwise known as “turn zero”.

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Tom vs Bruce: Twilight Struggle

twilight start

After a hiatus, Tom and Bruce are back with this round of Twilight Struggle, Playdek’s PC adaptation of the classic boardgame. The article will go live for everyone in a week, but in the meantime, we hope you, our backers, enjoy. We’ve got more games and videos in the works, and if you’ve got any requests, feel free to leave them in the comments below, or to hit us up on Twitter. Tom is @qt3 and Bruce is @spacerumsfeld.

On with the show!

After the jump, some actual history before the Twilight Struggle.

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In the shit with Vietnam ’65

Bruce: So this game seems fascinating. Completely ahistorical in every way, yet an interesting gaming problem to solve and arguably a practical solution to an almost intractable problem of simulating the nonmilitary tactical aspects of counterinsurgency. I both love and hate the concept. I wonder if the gameplay will make me feel the same way?

Tom: What do you hate about the concept? And I’d like to hear more about why you call it “completely ahistorical in every way”? Other than the fact that helicopters in this game can’t land in rice paddies.

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