Activision says Microsoft has to prove the Xbox One’s price is justified

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Sony’s PS4 console will launch at $399. The Xbox One will be $499. For many people, that price difference will be the first consideration in their decision of which console to buy for the next-gen. Activision’s Eric Hirshberg told GamesIndustry International that Microsoft will have to prove that the price difference is justified.

It’s up to them to win the value argument. If you do a focus group of a gazillion people and you show them two prices for two competitive products, 100 percent always prefer the lower price. I think from a first impression standpoint the win goes to Sony, at least as it relates to pricing. Microsoft is going to have to win the hearts and minds and convince people that the higher price point is worth it, and that it provides really meaningful capabilities that will be meaningful to consumers. And it’s a long game, so I am sure that’s what they intend on trying to do.

Hirshberg believes Microsoft faces a similar value challenge with regards to the inclusion of the mandatory Kinect sensor with the Xbox One.