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Card Hunter: the deck-building mechanics

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Card Hunter features one of the most unique deck building mechanics I’ve experienced in the collectible card game genre. In most strategy games, the difference between a short sword and a mace would largely be in the damage dealt and possibly the damage type. And actually I think a short sword and mace usually deal the same damage. Anyway, Card Hunter instead assigns cards that are the very actions you perform during combat to a given piece of equipment, and these action cards form the deck you draw from while you engage in battle.

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Card Hunter: to battle!

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Today’s diary entry will focus on the meat and potatoes of Card Hunter –the combat. When I first watched some gameplay I was able to figure out the general idea behind how the game works – you play a movement card to move, you play an attack card to attack, simple. However, it was confusing to try and wrap my head around who was taking a turn, when a turn ended, and why someone would want to pass their turn with a handful of cards. Roll up your sleeves and grab a beverage and I’ll take you through a tour of what is happening during a match of Card Hunter.

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Card Hunter: hey buddy, should you spare a dime?

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Not long ago I would roll my eyes at a free-to-play game, web based or otherwise. This year has seen a few terrific gems that have changed my mind, such as Path of Exile, Neverwinter, and Mechwarrior Online. But the only free-to-play game to actually get money from me is Card Hunter. A few days ago, I spent $20 on in-game currency, called pizza, even though I’d seen most of the game’s content already in the beta.

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Card Hunter: this ain’t no beta anymore!

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Contributor Scott Lufkin, a card carrying Card Hunter fan, will be covering the first week of Blue Manchu’s tactical fantasy combat meets deck-building game, which you can play here. Scott previously wrote our Tactics Ogre game diary, which starts here.

At last year’s Penny Arcade Expo, I saw a demo of an indie game called Card Hunter. The gameplay featured a player moving virtual cardboard units straight out of a boardgame on a tile based landscape lovingly detailed to look like a cardboard map, complete with dice and pencils off to the side. It was called Card Hunter. It was a free to play, browser based game, which at that point I believed was a pox on gaming.

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