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The top ten videogame spaceships of all time

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Hello, my name is Brian Rubin, and I’m a space gameaholic (Hi Brian!). I’ve had a love affair with space gaming ever since playing Lunar Lander using a freaking cassette tape on a Radio Shack TRS-80. For the top ten videogame spaceships, I’ve first of all chosen more than ten, because there’s no way there are only ten. To pick the most historic and memorable ships, you need at least 11 slots. And since I’ve mostly played computer games, Star Fox isn’t on here.

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Movie spaceship of the day: the Rylan Star League Gunstar

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The Gunstar from The Last Starfighter is an amazing craft, fitted with several lasers, a proton beam, and several banks of photon bolts. It has been known to win desperate battles against incredible odds. Its tandem control system allows a navigator to pilot and maintain the craft while the starfighter focuses on delivering the formidable weaponry. One Gunstar in particular was fitted with a prototype weapon known as Death Blossom. In the battle for Rylos against the Ko-Dan Armada, it eliminated what was left of the Armada’s fighter compliment. The ship is still used as a front line fighter in protecting the frontier to this day.

Or so I’d like to imagine.

Space Pirates and Zombies: little things mean a lot

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So there I was, getting my ships repaired and ready for the next fight my little fleet would face when all of a sudden, THIS asshole pops up. What’s he want? Apparently the little scamp is impatient and wants ME to get back into the fight freaking ASAP while he sits all comfy and cozy back on the mothership. He buddy, I got your system map right here…

This is just one example of all the little things that Space Pirates and Zombies is littered with. Tons of little touches that add flare and zest to the game, wherein you can tell the programmers really put a lot of care and thought into things that might go unnoticed elsewhere. In this, my final entry, I’ll look at some of those tiny, little yet awesome things, as well as wrap up my look at the game as a whole. Join me, won’t you?

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Space Pirates and Zombies: she grinded me with science

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A great man once said, “I’m gonna fight, the only way I know. Ever since I was a boy, all I knew was how to fight. Fight, fight, fight. And when I got tired, I’d fight some more”. Space Pirates and Zombies seems to follow this motto, as it does indeed have a lot of fighting, and it’s this fighting that is basically the glue that holds the rest of the game together. Most of the missions in the game involve lots of pew pew, whether you’re fighting other ships (which is most of the time), trying to destroy containers or even a renegade comet. Combat allows you to collect all three of the game’s main resources (Rez, Goons and Data) in various fun ways. Some call this a grind, but is it really? Let’s discuss the matter further…

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Space Pirates and Zombies: gonna sing you my level song

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See that multicolored blobby stuff floating out there, son? Those are black boxes, and they contain data, which some would say is more valuable than rez or goons. Data is what helps us make bigger and better weapons, armor, shields and even ships. Best way to collect data is by destroying other ships, so get out there, son, and make with the mayhem…

As I’ve said before, there are three resources in Space Pirates and Zombies: Rez, goons and data. While Rez allows you to purchase blueprints and create ships, and goons allow you to pilot those ships and repair them, data is where things really get interesting. Data is the currency of the RPG portion of the game, in which you level up and gain research points as well as designs for new ships to employ. While we’ve taken a look at the combat and factional elements of Space Pirates and Zombies, we’ll now take a look at the RPG elements that keep me coming back for more.

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Space Pirates and Zombies: I fought the law and the other guys too

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I’ve merely opened a fraction of the solar systems found in my galaxy (there are about 200 in total and vary from game to game). On the map, each system has a number associated with it, which is the level you’ll need to achieve in order to break the blockade (if you wish you fight your way through; there are others ways). Each system has two factions, civilians and the UTA (don’t ask me what it stands for, I don’t remember) and each gate is blockaded by the UTA, and each system has a station for each faction, and these can sometimes house blueprints which you’ll need to gain better equipment. You need to be nice nice with the folks you wanna buy this stuff from, which is where the fun begins…

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Space Pirates and Zombies: things that make you go boom

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Do you like the smell of adventure…in space? Of course you do. See that big ship up there? That’s the Clockwork. New ship, good ship, gonna get us out of this backwater mess of a Sol system and explore the universe, it is. All we need is some ore, a good crew, and data to keep upgrading her. What do you say, son, are you ready to become a…space pirate? (dun dun DUN)

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