A closer look at Zen Pinball’s upcoming Epic Quest

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Fortunately, no one has cross-bred a pinball machine with an an RPG. It’s bad enough that we can buy loot on the Blade table and upgrade the actual table in Moon Knight. The last thing I need is a persistent RPG system that lasts between games. I get RPGing in, well, nearly every other genre I play.

But the pushers at Zen Studios will change that later this month with the Epic Quest. At first glance, Epic Quest looks like a tongue-in-cheek Medieval fantasy themed table. You should be so lucky. It’s a persistent RPG in which you level up your character and earn loot as you play, all of which lasts over successive games. As if pinball wasn’t already enough of a time sink.

After the jump, take a closer look, if you dare

The new screenshots offer a closer look at Epic Quest’s theme and gimmicks. I love the theatrical vibe, with the puppet stage on the right and the scrolling scrim on the left, behind your character. Who, by the way, apparently upgrades his equipment as you play. Also, check out the water wheel, the chicken, the goblin-in-the-box, and the princess’ dress as a ball holder/prize wheel. I love how it’s bright, colorful, playful, and with no sign of a licensed superhero.