The Last Remnant on PC soon won’t even be that

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The PC version of The Last Remnant is going away. According to the publisher, the game will be pulled off Steam and physical stores on September 4th in the United States and European Union, and September 5th in Japan. Owners will be able to download the game again and play it, but after the removal date, it will no longer be offered for sale.

It’s not clear why Square Enix is removing the PC version of The Last Remnant from digital and physical shelves, but it could be a licensing issue. The Last Remnant was the first game Square Enix made with the Unreal Engine, and in 2009 that was a controversial decision within the company. While The Last Remnant was sold on PC and The Xbox 360, it’s one of the rare Square Enix titles that never came to the PlayStation 3 during that generation.