American Truck Simulator is going West Bound and Down

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American Truck Simulator launched with two drivable vehicles. Two. You got the Kenworth T680 and Peterbilt 579. I’m not a semi-truck expert, but there has to be at least four or five different kinds of trucks that kick up gravel into my windshield during my daily commute. SCS Software explained that they had licensing issues that prevented them from launching with a fuller stable of long-haul options. It turns out that truck manufacturers aren’t hip to the world of video games and the cross-marketing opportunities they represent. The developers vowed to work on the licensing and get more trucking goodness into the game.

SCS has announced that a third truck is on the way. The Kenworth W900 was one of the first trucks the developers made for the game, but the manufacturer had a different plan.

Truck manufacturers tend to be very careful about their image, and Kenworth, as the pioneer in aerodynamics in cabin design with their T680, had a rather different idea of the ideal truck to have in our game at the moment of release. So it was back to work for us to finish the other truck first before we could hope for the licensing deal to be successfully signed.

A quick trip to Kenworth’s site for the T680 confirms that they do indeed consider it the “most aerodynamic truck ever” whereas the W900 site just says that truck has “traditional” styling. Which is better? Jerry Reed drove the W900 in Smokey and the Bandit. That’s settled.