Long national nightmare of pre-release Fallen Enchantress almost over

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If you bought Elemental or pre-ordered Fallen Enchantress, you’ve been able to play the beta of Stardock’s fantasy strategy game for some time now. It’s been exciting stuff, with inventive twists that make it far more than just a fantasy skinned Civ. But since it’s been a beta, it necessarily involved that constant nagging sensation of “wait, is this the way it’s supposed to work?” or “will they change that?” or “well, I’m sure this will be different in the final version…”. Now that Stardock has announced an Official Release Date, that all changes on October 23.

Furthermore, we’ll finally get a look at what Stardock has in mind for Fallen Enchantress’ story-driven campaign mode. The Galactic Civilizations games similarly tried to spin out stories over successive scenarios, which always seemed odd to me in a richly detailed 4X game that will tell its own story anyway.