It will cost you a grand for permission to spend another $27,000 on Star Citizen

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Star Citizen is offering a $27,000 pack that includes almost every ship and goodie the game has for sale. The Legatus Pack, includes 117 in-game ships and 163 virtual extras like models, fish tanks, ship add-ons, decorative posters, and land claim parcels. There’s a small catch though. You won’t be able to see anything at that link unless you’re a “concierge” member of Star Citizen, meaning you’ve already spent $1000 on the game. That’s right, space peasants. You may continue groveling in space mud with your cheap starter accounts. You don’t even get the privilege of giving Roberts Space Industries $27,000 for the new pack. Be thankful that they let you buy the A2 Hercules for a mere $700.

If you’re interested in seeing the contents of the Legatus Pack, a Star Citizen community member listed the items offered here. Star Citizen’s pledge total stands at $186 million.