Help a buddy out in free-to-play shooter War Inc

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I don’t generally play many (any?) free-to-play games, mainly because I’m mostly playing pay-to-play games. But I get lots of press releases about them. I know how hard it is out there for any game going that route. I don’t envy anyone the task trying to muscle into that particular niche, where free-to-play often isn’t just a business model, but a statement of quality.

I recently played a free-to-play shooter because I was writing a short piece for Gamespy. War Inc is a pretty typical entry in the niche that doesn’t have the benefit of Electronic Arts slapping a Battlefield brand on it. I was actually surprised War Inc wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Not that I necessarily recommend it to anyone who’s already digging on Killzone 3, or Bad Company 2, or Fear 3. But if you’d rather pay a few bucks at a time rather than $40+ up front, you could probably do far worse than War Inc, which comes with some weirdly suggestive quote marks when you check your overall time played: